At least 94 people -- adults and children under 5 -- fell ill during a chikungunya virus outbreak transmitted by _Aedes aegypti_ mosquitoes. The cases are from the Sungan Durian village, Ambawang district and Kuala Kuala village in districts A and B in Central Java. It is predicted that the toll will reach hundreds of people in the near future.

Mrs Maryani in the Hamlet I Health Center explained that 24 people were seen [with chikungunya virus infection symptoms] in the past 2 weeks. Sufferers include dozens of toddlers and adults. There were also 2 month old infants. Some of the chikungunya cases were in intensive care in the Health Center. Others are outpatients in their homes. Some have recovered, but not totally. They still feel aches [probably arthralgia] and pain, the hallmark of chikungunya [virus infections].

[In chikungunya virus infections], red eye is usually accompanied by flu-like signs. Febrile seizures are common in children. In older children, fever is usually followed by pain in muscles and joints, and enlarged lymph nodes occur as well. In adults, symptoms of sore joints and muscles are very dominant and [severe enough] to cause temporary paralysis [immobilization] due to pain when walking. Sometimes, there is nausea leading to vomiting. In general, fever in children only lasts for 3 days with no or very little bleeding and shock encountered, unlike dengue [virus infections].