The Livestock and Fishery Service of Kabupaten (municipality) Sidrap, South Sulawesi, strengthened livestock traffic control from Sidrap borders: Pinrang-Sidrap, Parepare-Sidrap, Wajo-Sidrap and Soppeng-Sidrap to prevent disease introduction to Sidrap from other areas, said Head of the Livestock and Fishery Service of Sidrap, HM Abd Azis. So far, Azis and team are still investigating whether thousands of chicken deaths in Sidrap were caused by bird flu virus.

The Livestock and Fishery Service of Sidrap up to now has recorded about 1000 sudden chicken deaths. The highest numbers of deaths were recorded from Kelurahan Kadidi.

Separately, from Kabupaten Pinrang, Head of Agriculture and Livestock of Pinrang, H Syamsu Sulaiman stated that they had done disinfection in entire sub-districts and depopulation of hundreds of bird flu infected chickens. The Livestock Service also isolated the infected areas, Sawitto, Tiroang, Paleteang, Mattiro Bulu, and Lanrisang.

Pinrang's Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health, Dr Elvi Martina, said that bird flu diagnosis was done by clinical observation, necropsy and rapid test. Negative results should be re-checked by laboratory test in Maros (Veterinary Disease Investigating Center). "But for the current outbreak in Pinrang, we don't continue laboratory testing, because they all have tested positive for bird flu," added Elvi.

Formerly, bird flu outbreaks in Pinrang were recorded in 2006 and 2007. No outbreaks were recorded in 2008 and 2009. Elvi said that in order to state that an area is clear from bird flu requires zero cases in 3 consecutive years, and then the area can be stated as free in the 4th year.

In Pinrang, Elvi mentioned that no special regional budget was allocated for bird flu eradication and control. However, a routine budget is provided for depopulation of infected chickens and suspected chickens living within infected areas, as stated in Presidential Instruction 2007. The regulation also mentioned compensation which should be provided to affected farmers.

So far, the Livestock Service of Pinrang has recorded a total of 4094 chickens infected by bird flu. In detail, in Kecamatan Lanrisang are 2690 backyard and 400 broiler chickens; in Kecamatan Mattirobulu are 275 backyard chickens; in Kecamatan Watang Sawitto and Tiroang are 50 backyard chickens for each sub-district; and in Kecamatan Patampanua are 625 layer chickens.

The Health Service has not observed [confirmed] any bird flu transmission to humans in Pinrang, however 18 people are under observation.