Thousands of Poultry Culled in East Jakarta
East Jakarta Municipal Administration is very serious about protecting its citizens from the threat of the H5N1 virus of bird flu. It can be seen from the number of poultry of various types culled by the local husbandry and fishery agency from January until July 2010, reaching 1309.

The destroyed poultry consisted of 524 chickens, 345 ducks, and 440 pigeons. Of the number, most destroyed poultry was recorded in Kramatjati sub-district (403), followed by Cakung (195), Cipayung (179), Pasarrebo (130), Jatinegara (106), Pulogadung (102), Ciracas (65), Durensawit (63), Makassar (59), and Matraman (7). In the poultry destruction procedure, the slaughtered poultry are returned to the owners.

In addition to culling poultry, the officers also dismantle and burn poultry cages located within a radius of several meters from residential areas. It is considered necessary to reassure that public are really free from poultry. These measures are in line with Bylaw No.4/2007 on Poultry Control and Distribution in the Jakarta area.

Head of the agency Ahmad Adnan explains that every citizen who lives in Jakarta is banned from raising poultry within a radius of 25 meters [82 feet] from residential areas. "Our officers will directly take action on poultry roaming in residential areas," said Adnan, Friday [30 Jul 2010].

Adnan said his side really hoped for public participation by reporting their finding of roaming poultry in residential areas to the local authorities at sub-district or urban village office. "Actually, people already understand this regulation, as this issue has previously been disseminated in each sub-district. So there is no more excuse from people claiming still unknown about the regulation," he asserted.