The [Taiwan] Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced yesterday [9 Jul 2010] that 3 more cases of Japanese encephalitis [JE] had been reported in Taiwan, bringing the number to 14 this year [2010]. One of the 3 confirmed cases was acquired overseas, marking the 1st imported case of Japanese encephalitis this year, CDC deputy director-general Chou Jih-haw said.

A 52-year-old man living in Miaoli County fell ill 14 Jun [2010] soon after he returned from a business trip to China's Guangdong Province, Chou said. The man first sought medial treatment for a headache at a clinic, but turned to a hospital in Taipei City after his illness became worse, Chou said, adding that the man was released from the hospital on 8 Jul [2010]. Doctors determined the businessman was infected with the mosquito-borne Japanese encephalitis virus during his stay in Guangdong, a known risk area, Chou said.

Chou said another patient -- a male in Pingtung County -- remains in an intensive ward after developing symptoms of Japanese encephalitis on 29 Jun [2010].

The 3rd case is a man in Hualien County who visited a clinic on 27 Jun [2010] with a headache and a fever. On 1 Jul [2010], he was rushed to a hospital because of continuous high fever, and he is still being treated at the hospital, Chou said.