KYOAI Medicalservices gives you best quality medical treatment. We believe our experience doctors and our experience nurse and others staff make you save for outpatient treatment and also followup by our staff after the examination to make you safe. We give the best ambulatory treatment.


Home visit Doctor

Our concern to medical examination, we do Home visit doctors to your home or your hotel. Medical team with best experienced doctor and nurses will reach you. Medicine and medical equipment prepared to help patient in this visit. Don't hesitate to contact us, just call Kyoai Medicalservices, Care from the Heart.


Vaccination Program


Kyoai Medicalservices provides vaccination program. Vaccinations give you optimum protection from many diseases and raise the quality of life. It's easy and cheap protocol. It can be done anywhere, in the clinic or at home with best experienced doctor. Call us for further information about vaccination.




"KYOAI LAB" is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. The result of laboratory is important to determined the examination and the condition. Find laboratory and well trained laboratory analyst gives you optimum medical diagnostic. It will give support to doctors and paramedic to diagnose our patient and give you the right treatment.